This Guy Brilliantly Dressed Up as a Doughnut Delivery Man to Drop Off His Resume

© Lukas Yla

It's difficult to have your resume stand out among a sea of qualified applicants, especially in uber-competitive Silicon Valley where talent runs rampant and jobs are scarce. But Lukas Yla, a Lithuanian marketing professional from San Francisco, has most likely found the secret ingredient to landing a dream interview: Sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

As a way to get his resume in the door at 40 major tech and advertising companies, Yla dressed up as a Postmates delivery guy to drop off boxes of famous Mr. Homes Bakehouse doughnuts.


Inside the boxes were messages with a link to his LinkedIn page, as well as a clever note that read ""Most resumes end up in trash. Mine - in your belly."

The stunt has led to ten interviews, according to The Next Web, but no word on whether or not Yla was officially offered employment.

Here's to hoping this creative genius lands a sweet gig.

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