Watch This Guy Mold and Carve a Whole Gummy Chicken

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Blue drumstick anyone? We’ve seen a lot of cool things made in gummy from Coke bottles to LEGO bricks to Darth Vader’s helmet and even a knitted scarf, but a recent project by Grant Thompson may just be the winner, winner, chicken dinner. That’s because YouTube’s self-described “Kind of Random” has made an entire roasted chicken out of wiggly blue candy.

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Thompson takes you through the entire process, first creating a food-grade silicone mold of an actual roasted chicken, then peeling the mold from the bird and finally filling and releasing the gummy version. After a successful casting process, the jiggly chicken is then carved and eaten by a bunch of very excited kids. We just hope it doesn’t taste like chicken. Thompson also attempted a solid chocolate version with the same mold, which turned out to be a little less forgiving.

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