'Gilmore Girls' Ice Cream Is Now a Thing and It's Obviously Coffee-Flavored

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News of the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival sure was sweet, but news of a Gilmore Girls ice cream is just a little bit sweeter.

The innovative folks at Brooklyn-based Ample Hills Creamery (creators of Election Day appropriate "Madam President" and "Make America Orange Again") tasked Stars Hollow resident-wannabes to come up with names and recipes for a flavor worthy of Rory's approval. The result: a "coffee (of course) chocolate pudding ice cream (because Emily is trying after all) but oy, with the snickerdoodles already-- topped with pink [Pop Tart] sprinkles" named 'They Scoop Gilmores, Don't They?'"

Thank you to all those fans who participated in our #GilmoreGirlsIceCream contest! After combing through over 2,500 entries, we are thrilled to announce the winning flavor! They Scoop Gilmores, Don't They? Coffee (of course) chocolate pudding ice cream (because Emily is trying after all) but oy, with the snickerdoodles already-- topped with pink [Pop Tart] sprinkles. There were so many excellent options, puns and flavor combinations that we couldn’t choose just one. The winning flavor is an amalgamation of three amazing suggestions: @pauline__beal’s allusion to Emily’s attempt at chocolate pudding, @ryebecca’s ingenius “oy with the snickerdoodles already” and @jjjmmd’s name-- a reference to a reference to a reference. This flavor will be available at all our NYC scoop shops beginning this week and is available for nationwide shipping now! You can order individual pints in a Choose Your Own Story 5-Pack or opt for a Gilmore Girls-themed 4-Pack: Where You Lead, I Will Marshmallow (name suggested by Rebecca Phillips). Copper boom!

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According to Eater, an Ample Hills rep revealed "it was too hard to pick just one entry, so the final flavor is a combination of three different, highly Gilmore-specific entries: @paulin_beal's chocolate pudding suggestion (a reference to Emily Gilmore's attempt at chocolate pudding, as well as the Gilmore Girls well-documented love of coffee), @ryebecca's "oy with the snickerdoodles already" (a direct quote from supporting character Sookie, a chef) and @jjmmd's suggestion of the name (a reference to an episode title in season three)."


You can sample the limited edition flavor at any of Ample Hills' shops. Diehard fans living outside of New York can stock up their freezers with an online purchase.

RIP pre-Thanksgiving diet (or least until the show's premiere on November 25).

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