Fried Bologna, the Hangover Cure of a Beer Expert

Courtesy of Royal American

Where: The Royal American, Charleston, SC

What: You know that a beer expert must have plenty of experience in the hangover department too, which is why we asked Collin Clark, Certified Cicerone at Palmetto Brewing Company, for his go-to morning after fix. And that is? A fried bologna sandwich — white bread, bologna, fried egg, and American cheese — at beloved dive bar The Royal American. “I can walk in, grab a Palmetto Pale, and have that fried bologna sandwich in front of me before I have a chance to order a second beer,” he says. “It's nostalgia at its finest. Well, the fried bologna part.”

Wash it down with: A pint (… or pitcher) of Palmetto’s Pale Ale.

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