Finally, a Robot That Will Feed You Tomatoes While You Run


We've all been there, about to run a new personal best in a 10k when suddenly we hit a wall. And in that moment we're all thinking the same thing: Damn I'd love to bite into a tomato right about now. Okay, so none of us are thinking that, but that didn't stop Japanese vegetable juice company Kagome from inventing a robotic backpack called Tomatan that serves up an easily eatable tomato, even while taking a jog. Sure, it may seem like just a cute PR stunt, but Kagome insists that tomatoes "have lots of nutrition that combats fatigue," according to the International Business Times.

It's certainly cute, if a bit awkward with it's giant tomato head staring blankly while two arms clasp a tomato from the dispenser then swing it over the wearer's head to ideal mouth level. While the 18 pound backpack may seem cumbersome for most runners, Japan's largest tomato juice and soup manufacturers have that issue covered as well. A lighter weight 6.5 pound version called Petit-Tomatan was recently worn by an employee competing in the Tokyo Marathon, which features a tomato holster. Yes, we said "tomato holster." While we're here debating if a reality show host should be president, Japan is leading the way in automated tomato eating. Robotic snacking is supposed to be America's pastime, dammit.

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