The Easiest Way to Clean Up Broken Glass

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Your friend's coworker's sister that she just haaad to bring to your dinner party throws back one too many Chardonnays, and--oops---another wine glass is laid to rest. And while the fact that it's gone forever is upsetting, the hassle of sweeping up all those little shards around guests' feet is even more traumatizing. Here's an easy solution so no fingers or toes are harmed in the process.

What you need: A slice of bread (or bagel, your call)

What you do: First, carefully pick up large glass pieces by hand. Then for the smaller, hard-to-get ones, place the soft part of the bread on top of the shards and gently press down.

How does it work? The porous surface acts like a sponge for any and all splinters and fragments. It's the best thing since...well, you know.

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