Here’s the Drunk Version of Julia Child’s Life Story

If there’s one way you could describe the personality of Julia Child, it’s "saucy." Therefore it’s fitting(?) that her life story be told by someone completely sauced. On a recent food-themed episode of Comedy Central’s hit inebriated-people-explain-important-events series Drunk History, Comedian Lyric Lewis gets about as drunk as if she’s downed all the wine needed for a batch of coq au vin and retells the biography of the beloved TV host and cook to the show’s creator Derek Waters.

From her beginnings eating only canned food and working among other professional spies at the OSS to developing shark repellent to her marriage to Paul Child to her eventual foray into learning and finally teaching others to cook in the French method, Child’s story is a bit like you remember it from that Meryl Streep/Amy Adams movie, but completely different. Take a look below:

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