This Chocolate Filled Doughnut has a Spooky Surprise Filling

Chocolate pastry cream is one of those truly delicious doughnut fillings that could just as easily be eaten on its own. But the people behind The Doughnut Project decided to elevate the filling to a whole new level. Instead of finishing their pastry cream with a healthy dollop of butter to give it that smoothness, they fold in roasted bone marrow. Before you get too grossed out think about it for a second. Marrow is just another version of fat to use in the recipe and it gives the whole doughnut an extra umph at the end. The doughnut is then glazed in a slightly sweet clementine glaze and then finished with chocolate shavings. The citrus and the umami from the bone marrow counterbalance each other perfectly and you’ll wonder why bone marrow isn’t incorporated into desserts more often. Trust us, it’s that good.

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