Cookie Dough Kit Kats May Be Making Their Way to America

© Bajinda / Jeff Shaffer / Dawn Smith / Getty Images

If you're hungry and you know it, clap your hands. Or just drive up to Canada, because these cookie dough Kit Kats are guaranteed to satisfy any mid-afternoon craving. 


We are ectastic to hear that Europe's beloved bar has made its way to North America, as reported by The Impulsive Buy. It's next stop – fingers and toes crossed with a prayer to a million deities – will hopefully be in the good ol' USA. Because whose chocolate-loving citizens could love this heavenly conconction more, TBH? 

The elusive flavor has been quite popular overseas, with Nestle vocalizing their struggle to meet supply demands (Give them a break?). 

Let's hope they get their acts together before contemplating a stateside debut. 

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