A Chinese Farmer Is Growing Bouncing Watermelons, Because Why Not?

© Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

Let's talk about bouncing melons, shall we. And no, not those bouncing melons, you over-sexualized frat boy.

A farmer in Hubei, China has found a way to cultivate bouncing watermelons for God only knows why. Are they easier to transport without breaking? Will they be used for an underground sporting league? How about a secret weapon for an upcoming food fight? (This conjures up horrible flashbacks of middle school dodgeball.)


The South China Morning Post is skimpy on the details, but apparently the resistant rind can "bounce like a rubber ball when thrown to the ground." Local agricultural specialists have also been called in to analyze the creation, which boasts a uniquely creamy and yellow pulp with a cucumber taste.

As soon as we get more deets on the coolest food you never knew, we'll report back to you. In the meantime, click here for photos of the fruits in action or enjoy this always-entertaining video of square watermelons from Japan.

Watermelons: food of the future. Who'd a thunk?

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