'You Get a Breakfast!' Chick-fil-A Pulls an Oprah with More Free Food

© Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It may not be Cow Appreciation Day, but that's not stopping Chick-fil-A from handing out free food like they have a long-running daytime talk show.

The Southern fast food chain will be giving away one free breakfast item for all current Chick-fil-A One mobile app users and those who download the app by Sept. 10. That means you, and you, and you and even you get the offer! WE ALL GET THE OFFER.

Once redeemed, you'll be forced to choose between their signature chicken biscuit, chick-n-minis and their new egg white chicken grill sandwich.


So why would you want to join Chick-fil-A's foray into the digital world? Fried chicken fans will get to do the following:

- Bypass the line by placing orders through their phone

- Customize their meals by adding cheese, bacon and other toppings. The app will also save meals for future use.

- Take part in a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers. The more you buy, the more likely you are to receive free stuff!

- Pay through the app

Not too shabby for those who prefer to "eat more chikin."

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