Cadbury Just Started a Wonka-Esque Hunt for Its Rarest Chocolate

© Adam / Stockimo / Alamy

It might not come with a trippy candy factory to run, but getting hold of Cadbury’s Spectacular 7 bar will still be quite the accomplishment. The British candy giant (which, for some reason, we are shunning here in America) released photos of its super-limited bar featuring seven different flavors in one dairy milk, as the Brits call it. The Spectacular 7 includes an Oreo section, a Daim (almond butter) section, a fruit and nut section, a caramel section, a wholenut (hazelnut) section, a Turkish Delight (rose-flavored) and a traditional milk chocolate section.

Cadbury only made 50 bars and will hint on their Twitter account what people have to do to get one. Maybe we can convince the powers that be to lift the ban on British Cadbury chocolate just this once.

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