A Breakdown of What Ingredients Go into Jell-O

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Gelatin desserts always carry an air of mystery: What makes them jiggle? Wired decided to take a quick look at what exactly makes Jell-O act and taste the way it does with this 100 second video.

As most of us have come to know, it starts with collagen from animal by-products, reminding us that despite its very non-meat-like appearance, Jell-O is definitely not vegetarian (though vegetarian Jell-O alternatives do exist).

But congealing compounds derived from cow skins is just the beginning. Gelatin is inherently colorless and flavorless, so there are still a few steps left to go before Jell-O becomes the dessert you know and love… or maybe hate. People have pretty strong feelings about Jell-O, like which flavor is the best. Red? No, yellow! No, Orange!

[h/t Laughing Squid]

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