These Croissants Will Make It Feel Like Every Day Is Your Birthday


To every season, there is a favorite cult dessert, and as we move past rainbow…well, everything…it’s time to move on. And we’re moving on to a more subdued but possibly more delicious rainbow explosion: the birthday cake croissant.

Pastry chef Thiago Silva of New York City’s Union Fare launched this dessert just a few weeks ago, and it’s already caused a social media explosion.


The birthday cake croissant is a dream breakfast for an actual birthday morning; there’s rainbow sprinkles mixed into the dough to give the flaky croissant layers of rainbow color and it’s stuffed with mascarpone.

While you are getting in line for this confetti-inspired dessert, don’t miss out on other fun flavors also available – there’s a red velvet croissant with cream cheese custard, green tea and creme-brûlée variations on the croissant, as well as a new cookies & cream croissant variety that just launched earlier this week.

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