Bikini-Clad Noodle Snack Causing Outrage in Indonesia

© Tharakorn/Getty Images

We’ve all seen pornographic food: edible panties, penis-shaped pasta, an eggplant. These are all clearly of questionable moral character. But in Indonesia, a new vile product has been raising eyebrows – noodles wearing a bikini.

The product is called Bikini Bihun Kekinian which Mashable describes as a “noodle snack.” (Google Translate suggests those last two words mean “vermicelli present.”) But it’s not the food inside that’s problematic; it’s the outside packaging which features somewhat cartoonish artwork of a bikini clad woman’s torso. Making the whole thing a wee bit (and I do mean a “wee bit”) more salacious is a phrase written near her midsection, “remas aku,” which means “squeeze me.”

A photo posted by Mozaik_Islam (@mozaik_islam) on

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