7 Amazing Works of Pancake Art

© Cultura / BRETT STEVENS / Getty Images

Although I am a dedicated bacon and eggs for breakfast aficionado, sometimes a good fluffy stack of pancakes hits the spot. Whether they are buttermilk, multigrain, blueberry or chocolate chip, that carb-loaded plate, drenched in maple syrup can be the best way to start a day. But round pancakes are so…boring. Some talented artists have found a solution to the circle issue and created some seriously cool designs with little more than pancake mix, a nonstick pan and a squeeze bottle.

Expert pancake artists TigerTomato have mastered drawing and frying stunning pancakes. Everything from Disney characters to Saturday morning cartoon favorites have secured the Youtube sensation over 350, 000 subscribers and more than 34 million views.

Having problems getting your kids to eat breakfast? Making cute animals out of their pancakes could be the solution. Jaunty Jane takes a simple fry pan, squeeze bottle and pancake mix to make rabbits and cats with perfect shadowing.

Insanely detailed and ridiculously accurate, Kevin Blankenship art takes breakfast to the next level. Now, you may not have the skills or patience to recreate these at home but they are pretty impressive to watch.

Pancake art doesn’t have to be centered around the pancake. You can get creative with the toppings like powdered sugar. Philinthecircle uses pre-cut stencils to easily decorate pancakes with detail faces and silhouettes.

If all of this looks to complicated simply invest in a 3d printer that can expertly draw whatever you heart and stomach desires, like Edvard Munch’s The Scream. The prototype was originally built out of Legos, launched on Kickstarter and previewed at the San Francisco Maker Faire last year. Unfortunately, the makers are still trying to secure the safety certifications but soon you will be able buy your own for just $299.

Even if you hate the Greyjoys, you will still be impressed with these Game of Thrones pancakes. Nathan Shields masterfully draws your favorite characters with simple store bought mix and a nonstick pan.

I have presented some pretty complex pancake art here. So if you really want to try this at home start simple with a Japanese DIY panda pancake kit. The kit comes with a tiny pink panda pan, pancake mix and red syrup for accents. Simply pour the prepared mix into the pan, microwave and you have some fluffy pancakes that remotely resemble a bear.

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