Like Bagels in the Morning? You’ll Love Bialys

Courtesy of Bernie's Lunch and Supper

Where: Bernie's Lunch & Supper, Chicago

What: While there’s hardly a soul who’s not familiar with the humble bagel, fewer are acquainted with its flatter, denser cousin, the bialy. At Bernie's Lunch & Supper in Chicago, Chef Ryan Sand takes The Bagel Chef's black pepper bialys with a caramelized onion center, and serves them carbonara-style — inspired by the classic pasta preparation, with Parmesan mousse, guanciale, shaved Parmesan, and a soft-poached egg. Twice as decadent as a ham-egg-and-cheese bagel, with all the vital elements accounted for.

Wash it down with: “Some Velvet Morning,” with gin, almond liqueur, oloroso sherry, lemon, and blueberry sparkling sake.

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