Behold the Next Great Stadium Food: Seeded Cones Filled with Sausage

Courtesy of KOLBice©

This Hungarian street food is called kolbice, and right now only a few savvy imgur eaters seem to know about it outside of that country. Here’s what we've gleaned after ogling some photos and scanning poorly translated websites: Sold from kolbice-dedicated kiosks, the meaty, cheesy dish starts with a baked dough cone coated in a variety of seeds, including sesame. The cone is filled with four grilled kolbász (Hungarian sausages) and four grilled Bavarian sausages, along with roasted onions and/or sauerkraut. Optional toppings include mustard, ketchup and very gooey cheddar-cheese sauce. If you can read Hungarian, please fill us in on any of the other details available at, which seems to advertise the option of starting a franchise. Any takers?

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