Beef Up Your Hanukkah with This Latke Burger

By Mike Pomranz |

We are currently deep into Hanukkah. Tonight is the sixth night of the Festival of Lights, and if you’ve found yourself short on gifts this late in the game, here’s a present you can give yourself: a Latke Burger!

The chefs over at Food Network are the latest to reinvent the latke with this very unique burger, featuring a potato pancake “bun” and a corned beef burger patty. If that’s not enough for you, they suggest topping the burger with applesauce, horseradish with mustard and a beet and dill slaw. It’s really a shame Hanukkah comes but eight nights a year.

You can learn how to make it in either recipe form or video form. Just remember: keep it kosher, people. No cheeseburger versions allowed.

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