5 Surprising Dishes to Try at Seattle’s New Marijuana Restaurant

By Noah Kaufman |


Well, that didn’t take long. The Magical Butter marijuana food truck [<link up these keywords instead of "previously noted"] is already turning into the Magical Butter marijuana restaurant. Owner Garyn Angel said the new Seattle location set to open in a couple of weeks will be near the Starbucks world headquarters, so everyday will be a choice between caffeine and THC. As we previously noted, food will cost a bit more—on average $10 more than you would pay for a comparable meal—due the special ingredient. And in the wake of Maureen Dowd’s viral column about the dangers of overdosing on edibles, Angel says he plans to ensure a safe environment. He will let  diners at the Magical Butter studio choose how much THC ends up in their dishes down to the milligram. Speaking of dishes, they plan to serve some surprisingly high-end (no pun intended people) food considering what smokers stereotypically are willing to consume after smoking pot. See: Surf and turf and a Caprese salad covered in an infused balsamic glaze.

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