5 Outrageously Easy Frozen Desserts with 5 Ingredients

© Tina Rupp

In case you hadn’t noticed it’s the middle of the freakin’ summer. No one wants to stand over an oven working on dessert, so it’s probably best to put together a frozen one. And because it’s so nice outside we wanted to make things easy on you, so you have more time to soak in the sun with a cold drink in your hand. Minus some staples like salt and sugar, all these recipes have five ingredients or less. Bonus, some of them are boozy.

Ruby Grapefruit and Campari Ice Pops

There’s just enough Campari to go with the fresh grapefruit juice to give these grown up popsicles a real kick.

Strawberry Champagne Granita

If you’re trying to impress a certain special someone you can’t do better than strawberries and champagne together.

Easy Banana Ice Cream with Milk Chocolate Chunks

Throw in a few nuts and you’ve got your own Chunky Monkey.

Ice Cream Bonbons

Whoever first thought of rolling their ice cream in chocolate was a genius.

Strawberry and Cream Milkshakes

All you have to do is blend and pour, it’s as simple as that.

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