This 1,910 Pound Pumpkin Could Easily Fit Cinderella

© China Photos / Stringer / Getty Images

Some of us like to eat pumpkin and some of us like to grow pumpkin. Elementary schoolteacher Cindy Tolbeck is certainly part of the latter with her Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off-winning 1,910 pound gourd.


The impressive veggie , which has grown steadily since April, has lived most of its young life in a greenhouse with heated soil.

“I am just over-the-moon elated right now,” Tolbeck said to the Associated Press . “It was just a real steady grower. It wasn't an explosive grower. It kept growing well into the summer when a lot of pumpkins slow down.”

The pumpkin comes from a lineage of massive ancestors. Its seed was used from a 2,230-pound pumpkin that grabbed gold at a different competition last year.

Tolbeck will pocket $11,500 in prize money ($6/pound), but no word on what she plans to do with all the seeds and filling.

We have a delicious idea. Let's break another record.

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