11 Fast-Food Orders That Actually Aren’t Terrible for You

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This piece originally appeared on PureWow.com.

If you want the 100% healthiest item on a fast food menu, you already know what to do. Get the salad. Or the apple slices. But if you’re ordering fast food for a reason (namely, you want a big, gooey, delicious sandwich) yet are still being mindful about your health, here are 11 options that are, surprisingly, kinda OK for you.

Arby’s: Roast Beef Classic Sandwich (360 calories)
Stay away from the sauces, and you have a filling, high protein meal.

Burger King: Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich (350 calories)
Get it without mayo and it’s totally healthier than the Whopper.

Chick-fil-A: Grilled Chicken Sandwich (320 calories)
Duh. It’s grilled chicken on a wheat bun. And it’s 20 calories less than the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap.

KFC: Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast (220 calories)
Fried is triple the calories and double the fat.

McDonald’s: Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap (290 calories)
It’s the size of your hand, but under 300 calories.

Panda Express: Chicken with Mushrooms (180 calories)
Choose the small, skip the fried rice, and you have an under 200 calorie dish. So go ahead and savor that fortune cookie.

Sonic: Snack Sized Jumbo Popcorn Chicken (350 calories)
To placate your fried chicken craving, opt for the snack size and ignore the sauces.

Taco Bell: Fresco Bean Burrito (350 calories)
It’s a salsa-filled, no-cheese bean burrito. Who could complain?

Wendy’s: Large Cup of Chili (270 calories)
Go for the bigger size--you’ll be fuller longer while only consuming eight grams of fat.

Whataburger: Whataburger Jr. (310 calories)
Don’t let the junior fool you—this is a filling burger for under 350 calories. Load it up guilt-free with all your favorite veggies.

White Castle: Veggie Slider (150 calories)
It ain’t big, but this guy is under 200 calories and clocks in with only 5 grams of fat. Plus, it’s adorable.

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