Fire-Spewing Jack-o’-Lanterns Sure Beat the Display on Your Doorstep

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“Do you have three minutes to spare to watch Jack-o’-lanterns exploding? If not, either I feel sorry for you or hello, Mr. President.”

For Halloween, the UK’s Royal Institution, a London-based organization dedicated to connecting people with the world of science, decided there was no better way to excite people in October than by posting a YouTube video of fire-spewing jack-o’-lanterns.

To hear them describe it, “We thought it was time to explore the previously unknown interface between pumpkins and thermite.” That said, I’ve watched the video about three times now and I still have no idea what thermite is—though to be fair, I do have trouble understanding British accents. Thankfully, most of the video is in a language we can all understand: giant fireballs.

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