The World’s Best Selling Beer and More Important Beer Buying Numbers


It’s quite likely you have never heard of the world’s best-selling beer. Snow beer, a Chinese lager, sells almost twice as many barrels a year as the leading American beer, Budweiser. That’s not the only surprising beer stat. 

The people behind Finances Online gathered a vast amount of beer-buying information from around the world and put it together in a few handy charts. If you want to know where to go to get a beer for less than 75 cents, they’ve got options for you, including the home of the world’s most popular beer. If you want to avoid the priciest pints, they’ve got you covered. You better cross that Australian vacation off the calendar. And it turns out that even with our huge craft beer boom, we Americans rank a lowly seventh when it comes to beer spending. Come on, guys, we ought to at least be able to keep up with Venezuela. We’ve got the rest of the numbers for you below.  


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