Watch These People React with Joy to a Free Beer Vending Machine

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What’s better than beer on a summer day? Free beer on a hot day. That was the thinking behind a campaign by 10 Barrel Brewery out of Bend, Oregon. The folks from 10 Barrel built a vending machine that dispenses nothing but their summer seasonal, Swill. All you had to do to get one was put in your ID for proof of age and out popped a gratis beer. As you can see, the happiness that comes with a free beer at the push of a button is infectious.

Because of laws, the beer vending machine was just temporary. But if you must indulge your vices at a vending machine you could always switch your drug of choice. Pot vending machines seem to be moving full steam ahead, and the makers now expect to have 1,000 pot machines operating by Christmas.

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