Starbucks Debuts Their First Iced Holiday Beverage (Assuming You Can Find It)

©Zhang Peng/Getty Images

Great news for anyone experiencing a warmer-than-average winter, Starbucks hasn’t left your tastebuds out in the cold. If a hot pumpkin spice latte doesn’t sound as refreshing as you’d like when fall temps are hitting the 70s, the new Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew is a holiday-themed breath of fresh, iced air. The new beverage features Starbucks’ 20-hour steeped Nariño 70 cold brew, a few pumps of mulled spices which include cinnamon, nutmeg and anise, and a splash of sweet cream on top. It’s available today for rewards members, that is if you can find it. I tried and the local Starbucks staff looked at me like I was crazy.


Anyone enrolled in Starbucks’ loyalty program should be able to get the new drink today, so I attempted to do so via mobile ordering. The item was on the menu and the app let me proceed with placing the order at the Starbucks across the street. When I arrived at the counter to receive what I was anticipating to be the greatest thing ever to happen to iced coffee/holiday-loving customers like myself, I was met with a “we aren’t making that. It’s seasonal.” (Right, but isn't this the season?) I was given a refund, though nothing can refund my deep disappointment.

So, valued customer beware: you can order the Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew today, but good luck actually tasting it. The drink officially debuts to the public later this month.

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