Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes Have Officially Arrived

© Starbucks

Goodbye, summer. It was fun while it lasted.

Though you may be sweating on your commute to work, Starbucks wants you to think it's fall with the debut of their famous pumpkin spice lattes.

The seasonal beverage rolled out a day after McDonald's reintroduced its PSLs for the first time in three years, while an impatient Dunkin' Donuts released their version a few days ago.


In addition to Ugg wearers' drink-of-choice, Starbucks will also be launching a chile mocha on Sept. 6. Their take on Mexican hot chocolate is topped with cayenne, ancho chile, paprika, cinnamon, sea salt and sugar.

We're pretty excited to welcome the most popular seasonal beverage of all time, but we're not so sure it pairs well with flip flops and tank tops. So we have to ask: Who will win the race in the battle of pumpkin spice ice cream? Time to set up that Google alert.

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