Space Cocktails Will Make Intergalactic Travel So Much Better

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Need a martini to pair with your Dippin’ Dots in zero gravity? You might be able to have one soon thanks to a San Francisco company that is hard at work designing the world’s first cocktail cup for space.

Scientists have made significant progress on planetary coffee service, but most of it involves drinking out of plastic bags. The researchers behind the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project aim to better recreate the experience of sipping a cocktail on earth. That means drinking from an open-top cup that also allows the boozy aromas to hit your nose. Their prototype, a 3-D printed martini glass, looks almost maze-like inside. That’s because when liquid is released into a zero gravity environment it forms large blobs, which break into hundreds of tiny blobs with the lightest touch. The plastic channels that run through the cup helps to hold those blobs in place and keep this from happening.

The company did some initial testing in Japan and has a Kickstarter to fund further tests with the goal of eventually printing a cup on the International Space Station. With any luck this will lead to video of the first hungover astronauts in history.

To see more about the tests head over to the ZGCP Kickstarter page.

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