Red Robin Wants Your Beer to Taste More Like Their Burgers

© Red Robin

We go to great lengths to satisfy our red meat cravings, but Red Robin has decided to take America’s obsession to the next level.

Meet Red Robin’s Grilled Pineapple golden ale: the liquid counterpart to their teriyaki glazed and grilled pineapple Banzai Burger.


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The bubbly booze is the brain child of beverage development manager Katie Burkle and New Belgium Brewing Company's innovation brewer, Dave Glor.

Glor tells Mashable that the Golden Ale style beer is infused with molasses, pineapple and “apple smoked malt to give the beer its umami and meaty-ness.” That's good. For a moment we were worried someone thought a meat-infused beer was a good idea.

Colorado-area chains will carry the limited brew exclusively, though "if it turns out they [consumers] love having their burger and drinking it too, there’s always the possibility of ‘crafting’ another innovation in the future,” Burkle says.

New Belgium has a history of unusually perfect alcohol and food pairings, so this might just be crazy enough to work. Anyone in the Mile High City planning to give this beer-burger combo a shot?

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