Now You Can Get a Red Wine Milk Shake with Your Red Robin Burger

© Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Full disclosure: I love Red Robin. If you want a never-ending bucket of steak fries, there is no better option out there. But just because you love something doesn’t make it infallible. Case in point: Red Robin’s red wine milk shake.

The Divalicious Red Wine Shake is, as the chain describes it, “a delectable combination of Little Black Dress Divalicious Red wine, Pinnacle Whipped vodka, raspberry purée and creamy vanilla soft-serve.” It’s the kind thing moms would whip up if they threw their own fraternity parties.

This crazy concoction has just been released at participating Red Robin locations as part of a limited time holiday menu that will last until January 4.

This is not the first time the casual chain has dipped its toe into the boozy milk shake business. A couple years ago it came out with beer shakes, and back in March it rolled out a mango Moscato wine shake. Not that alcoholic milk shakes are themselves bad ideas, but as restaurant consultant Gary Stibel pointed out, they’re mostly about marketing, telling USA Today, “These products are more for show than for blow.”

Perhaps not the best choice of words, but you get the point.

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