New York Brewer Is Making Two Seinfeld Beers, Not That There's Anything Wrong with That

© Carin Baer / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

Seinfeld inspired a deluge of similar shows about “nothing” and a not insignificant number of puffy shirts. Now, it’s also inspired one New York state brewer to make two beers focused around foods featured in episodes of the ‘90s show.

Barrage Brewing Company is a tiny one-barrel nanobrewery in East Farmingdale that makes two beers from ingredients plucked out of Seinfeld episodes. “Yada Yada Yada,” which debuted last year, is a brown ale made with copious amounts of Snickers – a nod to the episode “The Pledge Drive” where George turns heads by eating Snickers with a knife and fork. This year, the brewery created “The Restivus,” another brown ale, that uses chocolate babka as an ingredient, integrating the dessert that was a featured in the Seinfeld episode “The Dinner Party.”

Though owner and brewmaster Steve Pominski originally made Yada Yada Yada as a one-off for a Seinfeld-themed dinner, people loved the beer so much he’s kept making it since. “[The reaction was] pure insanity,” Pominski told Munchies. “And it’s this thing that’s never really stopped. It was only supposed to be made once but people kept asking and asking for the ‘Snickers beer.’ It’s a year later and we still can’t make enough. It’s definitely become our most popular beer.”

Pominski said he’s considering maybe making one more Seinfeld beer, with a friend suggesting Bosco as another Seinfeldian chocolate ingredient. Though he may also want to be careful with how far he takes this project being that the beers don’t appear to be sanctioned by the show. He sure as hell doesn’t want Jackie Chiles on the case.


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