The Countries with the Most Vineyards May Surprise You

© mauritius images GmbH / Alamy

The French may still make the most wine in the world, but they are doing it with less space than some of their competitors. The International Organisation of Wine and Vine just released their annual report on the state of the world’s viticulture, and China made a surprise move. The world’s most populous country climbed up the charts into second place when it comes to how much space it devotes to vineyards. The Chinese overtook the French and trail only the Spaniards. The increase in land devoted to vines is likely due to China’s relatively new taste for wine. Last year, they overtook France as the world’s leading consumer of red wine. The rest of the top 10 has a few more interesting entrants as well, including Iran, where despite a history of winemaking that goes back millennia, drinking wine has been illegal since 1979. Have a look at the rest of the list below.

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