A Beer Company Wants to Pay You $14,000 to Drink at Work

© Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy

If you're a fan of beer and always think, "work would be so much better if I was drinking right now," you may want to check out Carlsberg's latest job listing.

Known as "Probably the Best Job in the World," the Danish brewing company will be offering $14,000 for someone to "be a Carslberg ambassador [and] enjoy ice-cold Carlsberg during work"


The only catch? You must be a resident of Singapore. Whomp, whomp.

Applications for the highly-coveted position will be accepted until December 4 with round two candidates attending an interview on December 15. Zero experience is required, though we're sure an ardor for ale will earn you extra points.

Did we also mention that the gig only requires four hours of your time? We'd be willing to give them a lifetime if this is how we were paid to spend our days.

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