Can Teabags of Hops Save You From Crappy Light Beer?

© Seth Smoot

I do not often drink light beer willingly. I don’t want to wade into the debate of whether anyone should drink it, I just happen to dislike the taste. However, every once in a while at a wedding or a dive bar, I’ll have a bottle or two of something light. The experience is similarly watered down every time. But now a company wants to improve the light beer experience, and the process is as simple as making a cup of tea.

Hop Theory will sell sachets filled with hops, spices and citrus designed to infuse a pint the way you would a cup of tea. According to Hop Theory’s creator, the goal of the company is “to create a line of flavors that suit the taste buds of every living beer drinker.” That’s a lofty mission, especially considering how many excellent and unique beers are already on the market. But the idea isn't without a basis in actual brewing. The technique is actually similar to dry hopping (when hops or other ingredients are added after a beer’s fermentation), albeit on a much more condensed time scale.

Now let’s be clear, a dollar’s worth of hops in a teabag will not turn a can of pale lager into a 120 Minute IPA. But you could get a flavor and aroma boost in what is otherwise a mostly flavorless beer. And if you find yourself at a poorly stocked open bar, you might be glad you have a sachet in your pocket.

Hop Theory just recently began a Kickstarter that will run until May 9. You can find it here and purchase their first blend, which includes cascade hops, coriander and orange peel.

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