David Chang Makes the World's Fastest Ramen Broth with Help from Astronaut Food

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We don’t think David Chang is bored with ramen from his time building the Momofuku empire, but we have noticed his interest in, let’s say, less traditional preparations. He’s used the Japanese classic to make fried chicken, gnocchi and now he’s turned to NASA for inspiration. In the latest demo for his magazine Lucky Peach, Chang makes the fastest ramen broth he’s ever put together with help from freeze-dried food sent over by mission control in Houston. Powdered chicken and powdered pork help create a full-flavored broth in just 10 minutes, as opposed to hours of simmering. We don’t know exactly how NASA came by those ingredients, but it might be best not to ask. You know the old saying: it’s best not to see how laws and powdered chicken are made.

Beware though, all freeze-dried food doesn’t lead to such wonderful results. He tried snacking on a piece of astronaut shrimp and said it tasted like a tampon.

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