Behold the Beauty of a Zoetrope Cake

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Alexandre Dubosc has become known for making cakes, but he doesn’t call himself a baker. Instead, this French director and animator describes himself as an “auteur-expérimentateur on different mediums” currently exploring “in an inventive way the limits of a ‘food’ fascination through image and words.”

His latest video, entitled “Melting POP,” fits into his series of “caketropes,” combining the dessert with the zoetrope, a circular pre-film animation device that creates the illusion of motion through spinning. He’s created a number of these animated rotating cakes, all with a different theme but an equally engaging visual appeal.

Needless to say, the process seems pretty involved. Dubosc provides a bit of a behind-the-scenes look into the process via photos on his website. He doesn’t mention whether he eventually ate the cake, but after all that spinning I don’t even know if his stomach would be up for it. Maybe lie down for a few minutes first.

[h/t This Is Colossal]

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