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You don’t even need to go outside to know what season it is; just look at the fruit section of your local grocery store. In summer, the selection explodes with a bounty of berries, stone fruits, melons and figs. But come fall and winter, your choices get limited—apples, more apples, pears and a range of citrus. Fruit is a great ingredient to add natural sweetness to any meal. Use it in raw salads, condiments, meat-heavy dishes, cocktails and, of course, desserts. F&W’s guide has all the best recipes, plus fruit news, health studies and more.

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Food & Wine: Avocado Salads
Avocado Salads
Avocados are one of our all-time favorite superfoods--they're ultra creamy, have a stunning color and can be added to everything from heart-healthy desserts to protein-packed sandwiches. One of our favorite ways to enjoy avocados in their purest form is in a salad. Toss sliced avocado with juicy citrus, tangy red onion and leafy kale for a flavor-boosted side dish, or add mashed avocado to creamy dressings for mixed greens, bulgur or quinoa, or grilled shrimp salad. Whether you’re looking for a light and delicious side dish or a super food-fueled lunch, try these avocado salad recipes for a healthy and delicious option. Here, our best recipes.

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