Easter Treats

Here, great Easter treats for kids including brownie bites, fun macarons, delicious marshmallows and incredible dessert bars.

Easy Easter Treat Ideas

  • Coconut-Pistachio Meringues

    Delicate and substantial at the same time, Nick Malgieri's pistachio-topped coconut meringues are chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside.

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    Coconut-Pistachio Meringues
  • Pistachio Financiers

    Jing Tio likes to end dinner parties with rare fermented Chinese p'uerh tea and pistachio financiers, the absurdly easy-to-make buttery French cakes.

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    Pistachio Financiers
  • Fruit Meringue Kebabs

    Jules Verne Lollipops" is what Ferran Adrià calls these fun and easy meringue-coated fruit skewers, presumably because they resemble something from an old-fashioned science fiction movie.

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    Fruit Meringue Kebabs
  • Moroccan-Date Bonbons

    Elizabeth Falkner loves eating these energy-boosting, cardamom-spiced date bites made with almonds, walnuts and pistachios.

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    Moroccan-Date Bonbons
  • Matcha-Dusted Caramel Almonds

    These supercrunchy, salty-sweet almonds are tossed in a homemade caramel, then dusted with fragrant green-tea powder and sea salt.

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    Matcha-Dusted Caramel Almonds