Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is our favorite way to turn stale bread into a savory side dish or delicious dessert. We love to add fruit and caramel for sweet bread pudding, or use leeks, spinach and mozzarella for a savory spin. One of our best bread pudding recipes uses croissants in place of standard bread, mixed with vanilla bean-infused milk and chocolate, and served with ice cream. The croissants add richness that goes beyond basic bread pudding, and the chocolaty custard is impossibly decadent. For an easy savory recipe, toss small slices of baguette with zucchini, onion and tomatoes for a light and colorful summer side dish. Whether you’re looking for dinner or dessert, F&W’s guide to bread pudding has a recipe for every occasion.

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Food & Wine: Croissant Recipes
Croissant Recipes
Achieving perfect, flaky, buttery layers that are so representative of croissants can seem like an impossible task if you don’t bake often. But the trick to a great croissant lies in a carefully calculated process of folding dough with a layer of cold butter repeatedly back onto itself. If you can fold a simple letter into thirds, then you can likely make a great croissant. Make your own pastries, or use them to create decadent chocolate, pumpkin and caramel bread puddings--or even as a flaky, toasted bun for hot dogs! Here, 5 great ways to use croissants.

The Best Bread Pudding Ideas

Easy Bread Pudding Recipes