Want one at yours?

August 19, 2016

For decades, pastry chefs and caterers have struggled to iterate new concepts in large-format desserts. There's the classic tiered or sheet cake, gelato bars, chocolate fountains, and even Pinterest-worthy cupcake towers. The latest (and possibly greatest) newfangled display-turned-dessert all over our social media feeds? Donut walls. Yes, finally, humans are putting donut holes to good, practical use by hanging colorful donuts on walls in grid formation. They're a popular side show at weddings, both formal:



And casual:



Where they're being touted as grab-and-go late-night snackables (not quite wedding cake replacements—yet):



They're easy to put together—in large or small format—and can even be made into themed installations, like this pineapple rendition:



Plus, the versatility of donuts—no sticky icing to wrangle with!—means you can stack 'em deep, to feed as many guests as you need to:



Don't like iced donuts? Don't worry—a simple glaze can also look grand, especially when hung up around a colorful backdrop: