This month, culinary tastemakers from around the country participated in the Chefs for Kids Cancer gala in NYC, uniting some of the most powerful forces of the food world in support of pediatric cancer research. And how do elite pastry chefs use their skills for social good? By baking cookies, of course! Dessert geniuses like Karen DeMasco of Hearth and Christina Tosi of Milk Bar joined forces to create what may be the world’s most sought-after cookie jar. In total, 16 chefs contributed an exclusive recipe to a cookie collection for the event. Want to support their confectionary cause? Cookies for Kids Cancer, the event organizer, makes it easy to hold a bake sale for your school or community, and they also accept donations. Or simply order some delicious cookies, and all profits will go directly to the best pediatric cancer centers and research hospitals in the country. $30,—Hannah Walhout Check out the limited-edition cookie masterpieces below:

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