"Candy is magic, " says Jami Curl, the mastermind behind Quin, the 
cult sweets shop in Portland, Oregon. “I remember making my first lollipop and holding it up to the light and thinking, I’m a wizard!” she adds. 
At Quin, Curl gives classic favorites an upgrade by making them with natural ingredients—lollipops are flecked with citrus zest; marshmallows, with 
real vanilla bean. But more than magic, making candy is all about precision: Follow the recipes on these pages and you can’t go wrong. Wrapped in cellophane, they make the sweetest—and most thoughtful—holiday gifts, 
Curl says. “It’s a big deal when you give someone candy that you have 
made yourself.” 1022 W. Burnside St.; quincandy.com. —Julia Heffelfinger

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