Have you ever wanted to indulge in a rich, sweet, homemade dessert without ever turning on your oven? Whether or not you have this desire, we can almost guarantee you will love the ease and convenience of no-bake desserts. Especially in the summer, there is a certain luxury to avoiding the use of your hot oven (we know, some recipes here involve simmering things on the stove, but come on, the heat is nothing compared to a 350 degree oven). Plus, you will be amazed by all of the delicious creations you can produce without baking a single thing. Here, we have gathered 30 super easy, no-bake dessert recipes that you can make 30 days in a row (if you want, no pressure). From icebox chocolate cheesecake to peanut butter-oat bites with sea salt and cinnamon to yogurt panna cotta with pineapple granita, these seemingly complex desserts are all made easily and without your oven. You may not believe us, so we implore you to test them out. You definitely will not regret it. — Morgan Goldberg

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