Dessert Recipes

Dessert should be considered one of America’s pastimes. It’s a mandatory part of the meal to mark every special occasion, holiday, season and region. Cakes make birthdays extra special (and wish-filled). Pies close the end of a Thanksgiving meal. Christmastime wouldn’t be the same without dozens of different cookies. And summer would be downright depressing without the invention of ice cream. Let’s face it: Americans thrive on sugar and we’ve found unending ways to use it. F&W’s guide offers everything you need to know about the dessert world, including tricks for making the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, delicious ideas for gluten-free eaters, the best recipes from every state and dishes done in 30 minutes or less.

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How to Make White Chocolate Candies
This is the easiest trick for turning white chocolate into fun shapes and bars. Decorate with dried fruit, nuts or colorful sprinkles.

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Easy Dessert Recipes