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Dessert should be considered one of America’s pastimes. It’s a mandatory part of the meal to mark every special occasion, holiday, season and region. Cakes make birthdays extra special (and wish-filled). Pies close the end of a Thanksgiving meal. Christmastime wouldn’t be the same without dozens of different cookies. And summer would be downright depressing without the invention of ice cream. Let’s face it: Americans thrive on sugar and we’ve found unending ways to use it. F&W’s guide offers everything you need to know about the dessert world, including tricks for making the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, delicious ideas for gluten-free eaters, the best recipes from every state and dishes done in 30 minutes or less.

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Food & Wine: Strudel Recipes
Strudel Recipes
Strudel is a classic Austrian pastry that consists of flaky, paper-thin sheets of dough wrapped around a variety of fillings. Most strudel flavors you’ll see will likely have sweet cheese, fruit or a combination of both. Some of our favorite fruits to add to strudels are bananas, cherries and apples. But strudel can also showcase savory fillings as well. We like to fill the pastry with a mixture of mushrooms and then serve the crispy cooked strudel as an appetizer for a dinner party. Here, 5 of our best sweet and savory strudel recipes. 

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