Look at These Beautiful Matte Black Major Appliances: Refrigerator, Ranges, Ovens and More

KitchenAid will debut 54 matte black appliances this summer.

No doubt, one of the most-coveted countertop kitchen appliances so far this year has been KitchenAid's matte black stand mixer—a sight to behold, a thing of beauty. For anyone inspired by the chic understated color treatment on the now-iconic must-have, prepare to renovate—or get ready to suffer some major kitchen envy—because KitchenAid has announced it will debut nine new items to their lineup (making the entire range of 54 appliances in total) this summer in the matte black stainless steel finish. 

Yes, we said 54 appliances.

"The feedback we've received on our black stainless finish from consumers, the design community and even professional chefs when we first introduced it has been overwhelmingly positive," the brand's senior manager of brand experience Beth Robinson said in a statement.

Food & Wine's own Justin Chapple loves his, and we totally get why:


I might just wear a black tie when using this! @kitchenaidusa NAILED it with this one. It's gorgeous!

A post shared by Justin Chapple (@justinchapple) on


As a follow-up to its stand mixer success, KitchenAid will release six models of slide-in ranges, freestanding ranges, and freestanding double-oven ranges this May and June, and refrigerators, ovens, ventilation hoods, dishwashers, under-counter beverage centers, and more essentials through the season. 

Here's a sneak peek at the collection. First up, the to-die-for matte black double-door refrigerator:

Then there are a whole variety of stoves. Here's the convection range:

The freestanding range:

The electric range:

We can't wait to see what other matte black appliances KitchenAid is planning on rolling out over the next few months. Which item are you most excited about?


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