What Is Mochi? (And How Should You Cook With It?)

© John Kernick
It's not just for dessert.

Mochi is a type of soft and chewy Japanese rice cake. The process of making mochi involves pounding a glutinous rice called mochigome until it has a soft, Play-Doh-like texture. Here, three excellent ways to enjoy it. 

Matcha Mochi

This recipe for mochi gets a pretty green color from the nutty green tea powder, matcha. 

Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream Sandwiches

© John Kernick

Pastry chef Jen Yee makes these fun and pretty ice cream sandwiches with a simple Japanese dough that combines sweet glutinous rice flour, sugar, water and strawberry jam. You can also try this matcha or coconut variation. 

Mochi-Crusted Snapper 

Mochi can be used as a coating when frying foods, even Spam. Here, Hawaiian chef Wade Ueoka wraps snapper in shredded mochi before cooking, so it's simultaneously chewy and crispy.

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