Jamie Bissonnette

Jamie Bissonnette
Photo courtesy of Coppa

Winner of “The People’s Best New Chef” Title in 2011 Reader Poll

Restaurants Coppa, Toro

Location Boston, MA

Why He’s Amazing Because he’s not afraid to challenge diners’ palates with the daring nose-to-tail cooking (including calf’s-brain ravioli and blood-sausage pepperoni on pizza) at his intimate enoteca.

Background KO Prime, Eastern Standard, Pigalle, Tremont 647, Clio (Boston)

Culinary School Art Institute, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Must-Try Dish Spaghetti carbonara with egg, pancetta and uni.

Favorite Food Tripe.

Hours Spent in the Tattoo Chair 250. “On my hand, I have a ham bone that says ‘eat offal,’ and a caricature of a chef on my leg. On one arm, I have grapes. And I have a few pigs, since I love charcuterie.”