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What's better than buttery, creamy, gooey caramel? Nothing, that's what. Here are six that get the test kitchen seal of approval. 

October 13, 2016

Chocolat Moderne

Passion fruit gives it a nice tart edge. $14 for 8.25 oz.; chocolatmoderne.com.

Fat Toad Farm

We recommend sneaking a little of this complex goat-milk version into your coffee. $14 for 8 oz.; fattoadfarm.com.

Lick My Spoon

Cardamom and rose add a Middle Eastern twist to any ice cream sundae. $14 for10 oz.; saporedellavita.com.


The source of that delightful tang? Whey from a local Minnesota cheesemaker. $8 for 10.4 oz.; poorboycandy.com.


A bean-to-bar chocolate producer in Portland, Oregon, creates the perfect chocolate-caramel sauce. $10 for 9 oz.; rangerchocolate.com.


Extra rich. We fell hard for the Salty Caramel and Brooklyn Butterscotch flavors. $12 for 7.5 oz.; spoonablellc.com.