Croutons are one of the best ways to use stale bread, and make lovely, crunchy additions to our favorite soups and salads. We love to add these crunchy, buttery bites to kale Caesar salad, creamy tomato soup and pork chili. Instead of serving toast at breakfast, try stirring crisp, herbed croutons into scrambled eggs. It’s the perfect way to use up any odds and ends of sandwich bread, and you won’t have to try to crank out perfect toast for your whole family. Take croutons in a completely different direction by adding them to bourbon-nectarine ice cream sundaes—this time making the croutons from sweet, all-butter pound cake. Whether you want to upgrade your clam chowder or add crunch to your lunchtime salad, F&W’s guide to croutons has plenty of ideas.

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